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TRON is an ambitious project dedicated to the establishment of a truly decentralized Internet and its infrastructure. The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, offers public blockchain support of high throughput, high scalability, and high availability for all Decentralized Applications (DApps) in the TRON ecosystem. In June 2018, TRON declared its independence with the creation of the Genesis block. Today TRON is the most widely used stablecoin chain in the world. Among many other hits.


Justin Sun

Justin Sun (Chinese: 孙宇晨; pinyin: Sūn Yǔchén; born July 30, 1990) is a Chinese American tech entrepreneur, the founder of the cryptocurrency blockchain TRON and current CEO of BitTorrent and Rainberry Inc. He is the founder and CEO of mobile social app Peiwo.

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How SR's work on the TRON network.

On the TRON network, all TRX holders can apply to be SR candidates, and are likely to become SRs or super partners. Any TRX holder can vote for SR candidates, among which the top 27 most-voted candidates will become SRs, while the 28th to 127th will become super partners. SRs are responsible for producing blocks and packing transactions; super partners, on the other hand, only receive voting rewards without performing the aforementioned two tasks. All SR candidates, super partners and SRs have the right to raise proposals to modify parameters on the TRON network.

Super Representatives

Each external account has 1,500 free bandwidth per day, and more bandwidth can be obtained by staking TRX.
Energy can only be obtained by staking TRX. All users share the fixed amount of energy according to the number of staked TRX. The daily fixed total energy supply of the entire network is 90,000,000,000.

Freeze and Vote

Stake 2.0 improves the flexibility of stake, reduces the complexity of user operations, and improves resource delegating efficiency and resource utilization.

Stake 2.0

Bandwidth and energy are two important system resources of the TRON network. Bandwidth is the unit that measures the size of the transaction bytes stored in the blockchain database. The larger the transaction, the more bandwidth resources will be consumed. Energy is the unit that measures the amount of computation required by the TRON virtual machine to perform specific operations on the TRON network. Since smart contract transactions require computing resources to execute, each smart contract transaction requires to pay for the energy fee.

Resource Model

TRC Tokens

Anyone can create their own token based on TRON.

There are three token formats: TRC10, TRC20 and TRC721.

TRC-10: Is a technical token standard supported by the TRON blockchain natively without the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). Every account is capable of issuing tokens at the expense of 1024 TRX.

TRC-20: Is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the TRON blockchain for implementing tokens with the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). It is fully compatible with ERC-20.

TRC-721: Is a set of standard interfaces, for issuing non-fungible tokens(NFT) on the TRON network. TRC-721 is fully compatible with ERC-721.

TRON Tokens

How To Earn

several options to earn with TRON.

VOTING SYSTEM: Voting rights can be obtained by staking TRX. In addition to obtaining bandwidth or energy, staking TRX will also obtain voting rights at the same time. Voters who stake 1TRX will receive 1TP.

Where to vote

SUNSWAP: Acquires Justswap with the projection of becoming the largest DEX in the TRON ecosystem. Since the release of sunswap V2, TRX has ceased to be the intermediary pair, allowing users to set up liquidity pools without limitations.

SUN.IO: In we can find one of the largest DeFi in the TRON ecosystem being able among many pools to add liquidity and receive SUN with a high annual percentage yield (APY). Recently added flexible and fixed options that allow you to increase the APY to more than 50%.

JUSTLEND: The first official lending platform on TRON where users can borrow, lend, rent energy and deposit assets to earn interests.


Decentralized storage #BTFS / Decentralized live stream. Faster downloads using torrents. / Smart Contracts compatible with EVM. +31 Billion in stablecoin #USDT. / #TUSD on TRON Network. More daily volumen in stablecoins than PayPal. / TRON Network is the Paypal of Crypto. Decentralized stablecoin. / DEX like Justswap with wrapped tokens as BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT and more coming. Lending platforms. / TRONtv on development. Partnership with Samsung, you can use DApps and TRON tokens in the native app of Samsung. / Partnership with Huawei to integrate BitTorrent applications in their phones. Partnership with Opera Browser. / Oracles. Privacy features. / Zk-SNARKs. 2000 TPS. / Free transactions. DApps. / Blockchain games. Non Fungible Tokens NFT. / Side Chains and unlimited Scalability. TRX ETN has been officially listed in DeutscheBoerse Xetra / ParaChains. CrossChain. / TRON Hybrid consensus. SPV on TRON. / Block header.


BitTorrent is a communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P), which enables users to distribute data and electronic files over the Internet in a decentralized manner. To send or receive files, a person uses a BitTorrent client on their Internet-connected computer.


The BitTorrent protocol helps to efficiently download files from the Internet. It allows an unlimited number of users to connect to a site simultaneously without causing the server to run out of bandwidth.


BitTorrent Chain, the first scalable heterogeneous cross-chain interoperability protocol on TRON, adopts the POS (Proof of Stake) mechanism, deploys multiple nodes for validation, and leverages side chains for the scaling of smart contracts.

BitTorrent Chain


The BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is both a protocol and a web application that provides a content-addressable peer-to-peer mechanism for storing and sharing digital content in a decentralized file system, as well as a base platform for decentralized applications (Dapp).


Storage3 is now live!

Storage3 is an application for storage based on the decentralized storage protocol #BTFS. Through Storage3, you can easily access BTFS's storage capacity and escrow your websites, applications, DApps, and other services on #BTFS

BTFS Storage 3


BitTorrent Chain is a brand-new heterogeneous cross-chain interoperability protocol, which leverages sidechains for the scaling of smart contracts.


SUN Ecosystem

The SUN platform will be upgraded into TRON's first one-stop platform that supports stablecoin swap, token mining and self-governance. SUN token, as a multifunctional governance token on the SUN platform, will grant token holders various rights and benefits such as the voting and governance right in the community, value capture, staking rewards, etc...


SunSwap is an exchange protocol on TRON for exchanges between TRC20 tokens. Conversion can happen easily between any 2 TRC20 tokens based on system price. All trading fees collected will directly go to liquidity providers of the protocol, rather than the protocol itself. This ensures full decentralization and security.

SUN.IO aims to build an integrated DEX ecosystem with a high level of functionality, profitability and security by leveraging multiple transaction protocols. It provides various incentives for participants, including rewards of transaction fees offered to liquidity market makers, liquidity mining of LP Tokens and staking rewards of the SUN token. Meanwhile, the burning mechanism of SUN and the voting rights of SUN holders together form a closed-loop ecosystem.


The USDD protocol aims to provide the blockchain industry with the most stable, decentralized, tamper-proof, and freeze-free stablecoin system, a perpetual system independent from any centralized entity.


USDD is secured by the over-collateralization of multiple mainstream digital assets (e.g. TRX, BTC, and USDT). The total value of collateralized assets is significantly higher than that of USDD in circulation with the collateral ratio set at 130%, far exceeding the 120% required for DAI.


PSM (Peg Stability Module) is a stablecoin swap tool launched by the TRON DAO Reserve. Users can swap between USDD and other stablecoins at a 1:1 ratio. Unlike regular swap platforms, PSM offers more stable and competitive price with no slippage and zero fee.



JUST is committed to developing TRON-based DeFi protocols and aims to provide all-in-one financial solutions to its users.


JustStable is a decentralized finance system of USDJ stablecoin for everyone, anywhere, anytime.



Justlend is the first official lending platform on TRON where users can borrow, lend, deposit assets and earn interests.


WinkLink is a decentralized oracle project running on the TRON network.


WIN NFT HORSE is a new type of GameFi that will reward players for the time, effort and cost they put into the game and the ecosystem.


APENFT was born with the mission to register world-class artworks as NFTs on blockchain.

Just Cryptos

Just Cryptos builds a bridge that connects premium crypto currencies from the TRON network to other blockchains.

Just Cryptos

Real World Assets

STUSD is the first RWA (Real World Assets) tracking product in the TRON ecosystem, which was officially launched on July 3 and is currently running through the JustLend decentralized platform. The stUSDT platform is committed to building bridges between individual and institutional investors, the crypto world and the real world through smart contracts and providing a fairer RWA investment channel for all.


It is a decentralized token that serves as proof of investment in RWA, and their holders can passively earn income from real-world assets.




A suite of tools for developing, testing, and deploying smart contracts based on TRON.

All-in-One: Support the development, compilation, verification, deployment, and interaction of smart contracts on TRON and manage smart contracts throughout the whole development process.

Easy-to-Use: Make contract debugging and testing easier with the support of JavaScript and the automated testing framework.

Multi-Network Deployment: Allow users to deploy smart contracts on different blockchain networks such as the TRON mainnet, Shasta and Nile testnets or private networks built with TronBox Runtime Environment (TRE).



Tronlink is a decentralized wallet, 100% recommended to keep your TRON funds safe. Decentralized wallet: data security ensured through local storage of private key and multi-layer algorithm encryption. Guaranteed data security through local private key storage and multi-layer encryption algorithms.


TRON wallets are developed and contributed by the community.

More Recommended Wallets

Community Announcements

Official and unofficial TRON community projects. Created by trusted community members (Remember that the ultimate responsibility is yours when deciding to invest in these projects, study and research correctly). This page is visited by more than a thousand monthly users, if you are interested in appearing in the Community section, contact @Carlos_TRX.


TRONSAVE is an Energy Solution Service and comprehensive toolset on TRON. Tronsave aiming to enhancing user experience and save their transaction fee on TRON.





TronNRG - Energy Rental & Supply Marketplace

With TronNRG, you can rent and supply energy quickly and easily.



LinknRed is an eCommerce platform that combines collaboration and customization. With the motto "Unity is Strength," it provides a collaborative eCommerce where companies share a sales channel and also offers personalized options for those who prefer an exclusive online presence.




Discover an innovative bot that allows you to rent energy and bandwidth at the best market price. With unique features like flexible 1-hour operations and non-blocking orders, seize the opportunities of Tron's 2.0 staking to maximize your profits.

Highlighted benefits:
- Rent energy and bandwidth at the best price.
- Operate with flexibility in 1-hour periods.
- Place non-blocking orders and maintain full control.

Renew your orders and receive additional discounts.




Tron Energy Market offers a transparent and efficient platform to buy and sell Tron Energy and bandwidth on the Tron blockchain.


How To Buy How To Sell



An open marketplace where you can Buy/Sell TRON Energy.



TRON Energy Telegram Bot by @Deiiva.

TRON Energy Bot


TRON Ecosystem Tutorials by @Moneyversac.

Moneyversac Tutorials


JustMoney is a cross-chain ecosystem Web3 and DeFi with our next generation decentralized applications.

Just Money


Introducing Liquid Staking on Tron Blockchain


Project Documentation


Track the tokens to know their credibility.

Token Tracker


Crate your own token.

Token Record

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